Royal Kiddies

Our Curriculum


Our creche provides daycare for children from 0-2years


Our nursery section starts are Pre-Nursery 1 class and ends at Nursery 2

We pay attention to paced learning of the pupils and encourage each child on their strong points while guiding them in areas they are still trying to cope with.

Pupils in nursery are engaged in the subjects of Numbers, Letters, Grammar, Creative Arts, Coloring Activities, Potty Training and so much more.


The primary section includes a British curriculum in addition to the standard Nigerian curriculum

Our pupils are allowed to express themselves by joining various clubs and participating in skill building activities such as karate, ballet, ICT club and the like.

Subject for primary class include: Civic Education, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Religious Study, Basic Science etc.

Clubs & Activities

Clubs and activities provide a welcome break from the classroom and presents an avenue for fun-filled learning.

This gives the children a chance to participate in practical events and develop their social and physical skills.


> Air-conditioned classrooms
> Computer Lab
> A spacious playground
> CCTV Camera

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List of Clubs & Activities

Literature & Debate Club
Music Club
Computer Club
Our Contacts
0816 059 6846
0803 576 8622
Mon - Fri 8 AM - 4 PM
Plot 49, Oro Ago Crescent, Garki II, Abuja